GBM Works consists largely of a growing team of technically skilled engineers but also of those with experience in financial administration and business development. Because the overall aim of GBM Works is the development of a revolutionary technology with unprecedented consequences for the entire offshore industry a lot of research has to be performed. Are you interested in the development of GBM Works or would you like to know whether there might be a spot on the team for you? Take a look at the career section to learn more!


Ben Arntz


Ben is the original inventor of the Vibro-drill technology and one of the two founders of GBM Works. He saw the need for a silent piling solution while working as a student intern in the offshore industry in 2014. Ben has been developing the technology since mid-2016 using his expertise in design based mechanical engineering and his extensive offshore background.

Govert Meijer

Business Developer

Govert is the most experienced member of the team, specifically with respect to business development and coaching. Using his strategic skills and analytical problem solving, Govert manages the team to perform optimally when new challenges emerge. Working in a team with young people, he is greatly inspired to improve the world with needed solutions.

Margreet Sluimer

Administrative Assistant

Joris Kievits

Mechanical Engineer

Because a lot of different tasks have to be performed at GBM consisting of field-tests as well as designing systems and analysing test data, Joris is constantly shifting his attention to where it is most needed. This way, new challenges surface in many different fields which makes the overall experience very interesting. Also all the skills Joris has acquired during his Bachelors Mechanical Engineering are put to the test.

Leonard van der Bijl

Graduate Student
Penetration prediction model

Sven van Nieuwenhuizen

Graduate Student
Structural pile dynamics

Sanne Blok

Graduate Student
Bearing capacity investigation

Thomas Taks

Graduate Student
Machine retrieval investigation

Re-using the Vibro-drill decreases the environmental impact and reduces the cost of installation dramatically. It is therefore that Thomas chose to investigate the possibilities for retrieving the Vibro-drill after installing as the topic for the graduation project of his master in Offshore and Dredging Engineering. Graduating at an energetic start-up such as GBM Works challenges him to be innovative and allows him to be creative in building a design from scratch while also having the support of fellow (former) graduate students.


Dorine Bosman

Vice President Wind and HSSE at Shell

Wouter Dirks

Manager Engineering & Innovation at Van Oord

Willem Ackermans

Former member of the Supervisory Board at Eneco