Intern wanted to help design and construct the next Vibro-drill prototype

Interested in working for an up-coming start-up? Do you like dreaming up and building big machines? Do you like your wind turbines to be placed at sea? Then you are in luck! We are looking for an intern that wants to get hands-on experience with the development of new technology for the installation of offshore wind turbines to come join our team.

At GBM Works we are working on the future of offshore wind turbines. Specifically, we are working on the foundations on which they are placed. These foundations are large diameter monopiles, up to 8 meters in diameter and 70 meters in length. Currently, these monopiles are driven into the seabed using large hammers. This method is expensive, time-consuming and so loud that it is can cause hearing loss in marine life such as seals and whales. We are developing a new machine, the Vibro-drill, to solve these problems.
You will join our team to build our next prototype from start to finish. This will involve the design, manufacturing, and the eventual assembly of the Vibro-drill to a monopile which will be placed at sea next year. In other words, your ideas on the design and operation of the Vibro-drill will be realized and tested in a real-life environment within a very short timeframe.

This internship will give you a unique experience with a lot of responsibility and a very steep learning curve.
If you think you’re up to the task send us an email or give us a call!


  • Student at HBO or WO in engineering, Mechanical, Civil, Maritime, Aerospace or similar.
  • Experience with Solidworks or similar CAD software.
  • Don’t mind getting your hands (or feet) dirty.