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GBM Works mission is to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by offering innovative solutions for energy production infrastructure of the future, starting with energy production at sea. An important starting point is the quality of life for people and nature in general and for the organisation in particular.

As a bold goal, GBM Works has defined that by 2025 it will have introduced an established method of installing monopiles in the sea, without negative consequences for the environment. The aim is that this method is more efficient than the current methods, so that more renewable energy can be generated with the same investment.

The young organization works in an environmentally conscious way, with respect and in harmony within and outside the organization, has an eye for the personal development of colleagues, a good work/private balance and is open to the ideas of others.

The team wants to distinguish itself by working in a solution-oriented, practical way. With an original core of technical knowledge, it looks for opportunities to increase knowledge and to achieve results with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and perseverance.


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After completing SIMPLE I project with a test at Maasvlakte 2 and SIMPLE II project with a test in DEME harbor, both of which showed promising results, we are currently further developing our Vibrojet® technology in the SIMPLE IIb project, bringing it one step closer to commercial application.

In our upcoming SIMPLE III project, we are planning to conduct our first full-scale offshore test in 2024.

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At the intersection of water and soil there are many technical issues at play, certainly with (increasingly) stricter environmental requirements in mind. GBM Works has gained expertise and developed simulation models like Fluidflow that enable the company to add value to issues such as:

  1. Foundation techniques in the inshore and infra market, e.g. for mooring piles, combi walls, etc.

  2. Decommissioning projects for off-shore installations

  3. Consultancy for the design of installations on aspects such as driveability, load-bearing capacity, etc.

Because the overall aim of GBM Works is the development of a revolutionary technology with unprecedented consequences for the entire offshore industry, a lot of research is performed. GBM Works head office is located in Amsterdam. 


Ben Arntz is the original inventor of the GBM Vibrojet® technology and the founder of GBM Works. He saw the need for a silent piling solution while working as a student intern in the offshore industry in 2014. Ben has been developing the technology since mid-2016 using his expertise in design based mechanical engineering and his extensive offshore background.

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