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GBM Works mission is to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by offering innovative solutions for energy production infrastructure of the future, starting with energy production at sea. An important starting point is the quality of life for people and nature in general and for the organisation in particular.

As a bold goal, GBM Works has defined that by 2025 it will have introduced an established method of installing monopiles in the sea, without negative consequences for the environment. The aim is that this method is more efficient than the current methods, so that more renewable energy can be generated with the same investment.

The young organization works in an environmentally conscious way, with respect and in harmony within and outside the organization, has an eye for the personal development of colleagues, a good work/private balance and is open to the ideas of others.

The team wants to distinguish itself by working in a solution-oriented, practical way. With an original core of technical knowledge, it looks for opportunities to increase knowledge and to achieve results with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and perseverance.


Conventional methods

Conventional installation techniques involve the use of an hydraulic hammer which has the following downsides which are negated by using a GBM Vibro-drill ...

  • Piling operations using a hydraulic hammer and noise mitigation are complex, time-consuming and therefore prone to delays in bad-weather conditions.

  • Each hammer blow creates high noise levels that are harmful to marine life. Several European governments have introduced regulations that result in the mandatory use of expensive noise mitigation such as bubble curtains.

  • The impact of the hydraulic hammer on the top of the pile causes severe fatigue damage to the foundation pile, leading to overdesigned, heavy and thus more expensive monopiles.

GBM Vibro-drill

GBM Works is developing a new method installing offshore wind turbine foundations, or monopiles. We call it: the GBM Vibro-drill. Using our patent pending technology we aim to revolutionize the way that foundations are installed at sea.

The Vibro-drill penetrates the soil faster than impact hammering while also simplifying the installation procedure so that the entire operation can be performed faster and more often ...

  • Virtually no high noise levels are produced so that marine life is not negatively impacted.

  • No additional expensive noise mitigation measures have to be applied during monopile installation.

  • Uses vibrations to install the monopile, therefore no large impact is transferred to the pile and therefore no fatigue damage occurs.


Therefore, the monopile can be made eco- and marine-friendly, lighter and less expensive.


Looking for a company doing groundbreaking work?

Open position: Mechanical design engineer


We are currently developing our new prototype to further validate the Vibro-drill technology and aim to install our first pilot foundation in 2021.


If you want more information on our new technology, send us your contact details at info@gbmworks.com.


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GBM Works consists largely of a growing team of technically skilled engineers but also of those with experience in financial administration and business development. Because the overall aim of GBM Works is the development of a revolutionary technology with unprecedented consequences for the entire offshore industry a lot of research has to be performed.

Ben Arntz is the original inventor of the GBM Vibro-drill technology and one of the two founders of GBM Works. He saw the need for a silent piling solution while working as a student intern in the offshore industry in 2014. Ben has been developing the technology since mid-2016 using his expertise in design based mechanical engineering and his extensive offshore background.


Meet our Team

Ben Arntz

Founder & Director

When I understood during my internship at Heerema what the impact on the environment was installing structures at sea,

I knew I wanted to come up with solutions for that.

Since then I have learned how conservatively the current market responds to innovative concepts. In a world that has to change much faster than it is nowadays. It makes me determined to realize my dream with our team.

Govert Meijer


It inspires me enormously to make a contribution with a lot of young, talented people at GBM Works to an improved living environment for humans and animals.

By structuring and financing a new organization, I can make extensive use of the experience I have gained over the past decades as an entrepreneur in the offshore industry. I really like to make, create and innovate and I look forward to all the international contacts that we will undoubtedly gain in our journey.

Margreet Sluimer

Financial Control

As a financial controller I have always looked for an environment of young people. My drive to control things and structure them in such a way that others can thrive makes GBM Works a great working environment for me. I enjoy the contribution that I can make in this financially exciting time where money from the government and investors needs to be managed properly.

Sanne Blok

Product Development Engineer

I graduated from Delft University of Technology at GBM Works on the prediction of carrying capacity of monopile foundations at sea, installed with the Vibro-drill.

I enjoyed working here so much that I decided to continue working at GBM Works, helping to get this innovative foundation technique certified. I am given the freedom to deepen my knowledge and, in cooperation with the university, to publish an article on the experience gained. The dynamic environment of a startup and the composition and vision of the team make it the perfect start of my career for me.

Leonard van der Bijl

Product Development Engineer

For GBMs Vibro-drill, it must be demonstrated that the machine can lower itself to the desired depth through the inside of the monopile together with the pole, and that the machine can then also maneuver itself upwards again. During my graduation work I have been concerned with the modeling of these movements. It is great now as an engineer to lead the project team that, together with selected industry partners, is preparing the final design of the machine step by step.

Meet our Board of Advisors


Dorine Bosman

Vice President Wind and HSSE at Shell

I have a passion for new initiatives. Certainly if they stimulate offshore wind energy. GBM Works does that with its Vibro-drill concept. This energetic team deserves the support to bring the initiative to the market as quickly as possible. I am happy to contribute to that.

Wouter Dirks

Manager Engineering & Innovation at Van Oord

As an R&D manager at van Oord, I have a clear view on technology developments for the offshore wind sector. Of the many new developments the GBM Vibro-drill is a very interesting concept. I try to assist with the further development by making my experience and network available.

Willem Ackermans

Former Director Corporate Strategy and Mergers &Acquisitions, (Former) Advisor to the Board of Management

This innovative installation method developed by GBM Works will have an important impact on the (overall) construction costs of wind projects and as a result will contribute to making wind energy more profitable. It is a pleasure to assist management of GBM Works in achieving their goals by providing them advice on strategic and financial issues.

Cees van Wendel de Joode

Director & Owner TMS

Technical & Maritime Services B.V.

As an independent entrepreneur in the offshore industry I gladly advise GBM Works on its technical solutions and on typical entrepreneurial issues.




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Deltares strives to reach impact on societal themes, in this perspective on renewable energy, energy transition, water safety and climate change. The validation of new technologies, which help to reach these goals, as well as strengthening the position of the Dutch industry on that field are activities we want to contribute to. It is joyful to cooperate with the team of GBM Works, which has a potentially very interesting technology in hand for the offshore industry.

Serving the society on the environmental impact of various anthropogenic activities and their effective mitigation. GBM Works aims to develop a method to drive piles in an environmentally friendly way that also reduces the risks related to conventional pile driving. Co-working with several highly appreciated alumni with significant contribution to scientific knowledge progress is highly appreciated.

Expanding our knowledge about the new technology GBM Works is introducing, which may possibly provide us with more work in the future is the most important reason why we decided to become partner of the enthusiastic team of GBM. Participation in this project could support our company’s image with affiliation to sustainable development. The size of the test piles is commonly used in harbour projects, our core market.

By participating in GBM Works’ project, TGS may be able to add a new product to the machine workshop's portfolio. With pleasure we cooperate in the project team, where our knowledge of vibration hammers is highly appreciated. 

GBM Works developed the Vibro-drill, a new method for installing offshore wind turbine foundations. The product is an alternative method for the installation of offshore foundation (mono)piles with a focus on offshore wind.

This method is silent, faster and more efficient than current installation methods. Fatigue issues due to the use of a heavy hydraulic hammer will also be eliminated. The use of the Vibro-drill and its benefits will lead to a faster and more environmental friendly transition towards renewable energy. That is the reason why Climate-KIC is happy to be partner of GBM Works.


Van Oord has been following GBM Works closely for some time. We are very interested in the innovative installation method that GBM Works designs, and we are happy to lend a helping hand if specific knowledge is occasionally requested.

GBM Works promises to introduce an installation method that can extend the life of monopiles for years. We live from that. It is therefore not strange that Sif has for several times made its site partly available for scale experiments.

Low noise installation of foundation for offshore wind turbines meets a great need in the market. GBM’s Vibro-drill has the potential to further enable cost reductions and opens up new optimization possibilities on the foundations design. We stress the importance of increasing the speed of this product development up to market introduction, and we would like to express our support for GBM. 

GBM Works is recognised as a company with an innovative product which could solve the market demand for silent installation of foundation piles, which still requires several tests to proof its proper functioning Collaboration with Heerema offers the possibility to accelerate the market introduction of the Vibro-drill and incorporate into the final design relevant offshore work experience of Heerema. For Heerema, cooperation with GBM Works means a possible optimization of its offshore operations and thus the possibility of strengthening its position in the offshore wind market.

DEME Offshore is willing to support GBM Works with technical support for the coming year to develop the Vibro-drill concept further. This technical support could be in the form of feedback on partial design and calculations of the machine, the method of operation, and simulations of soil reaction to penetration speed, lateral bearing capacity and noise levels.

As a venture capital firm designed to address the unique need of early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software, FORWARD.one recognizes GBM Works as a company with an innovative product which could solve the market demand for silent installation of foundation piles. GBM Works envisions to solve the recognized issue, with an impressive and disruptive technical solution, in the offshore wind industry. Initial findings indicate that the market size is substantial. The team of GBM Works consists of talented and experienced professionals that are able to bring this technology successful to the market. 


GBM Works consists largely of a growing team of technically skilled engineers but also of those with experience in financial administration and business development. Because the overall aim of GBM Works is the development of a revolutionary technology with unprecedented consequences for the entire offshore industry a lot of research has to be performed. Are you interested in the development of GBM Works or would you like to know whether there might be a spot on the team for you?

Open position: Mechanical design engineer

We provide a competitive salary where stock options can be part of the compensation package. More importantly, we offer an inspiring environment with highly motivated people that are determined to achieve goals. You will become the expert on the design of the Vibro-drill tool which includes vibratory exciters, hydraulics and water injection functions. You will be in contact with the end-user and partner manufacturers to design the tool to the desired specifications.

Fulltime position available from 1st of February 2020

Interested in this job? Please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: b.arntz@gbmworks.com

Interested in doing an internship or graduation thesis? To apply for an internship with GBM Works, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@gbmworks.com

Meet our Trainees



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +31 (0)6 46 11 70 74 or fill out the following form. By submitting the form you can also subscribe to our newsletter.

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Joris van Rossum

I had a great time at GBM Works graduating and working on the innovative Vibro-drill solution. The management always paid attention to all team members and their questions, which resulted in a great involved atmosphere at GBM Works. Everyone turned out to be good friends. In addition to my graduation intership, I have learned a lot that I would never have learned otherwise. From the Scrum method for project management to the procurement of materials and heavy equipment. Because the team is still so small, many things are coming your way which made it a challenging but rewarding environment, luckily I was good at prioritizing.

Sven van Nieuwenhuizen

I could not use my graduation thesis at Delft University of Technology to further develop my own start up product as there is no real fit with my study. However, being at GBM has proven to be very educational. I learn a lot how the management gives shape to the company. If I didn't already have my own company, I would like to continue working at GBM Works.

Thomas Taks

It is great to be able to graduate on designing an environmentally friendly product that is seen as very promising to actually be introduced to the market.

I will remember this hectic,

but exciting period later as very special.