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Meet our Team

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Ana-Maria Apetroae
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Mechanical Engineer

Offshore platforms have always been a subject that piqued my interest during my studies at the Faculty of Naval Architecture. The potential for sustainable energy in this field is immense, and I am excited to be a part of GBM Works, a company that shares my passion for this field.

As an engineer with a foundation in the field, I am eager to contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions and to advance my skills and knowledge in the process.

If someone were to ask me if I enjoy my work, my answer would be a resounding "I love what I do!"

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Annalisa Ferrante
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Mechanical Engineer

I chose to study engineering as I knew I wanted to help making the world a better place with practical solutions. My background in Energy Engineering combined with the PhD in Mechanical Engineering helps me contributing in GBM Works to develop innovative solutions for wind turbines installation. It is exciting and highly motivating to work in this company and people are simply amazing here! I am a true believer that sustainability can be implemented in our lives daily and on a high-scale and I am glad I found a workplace that allows me to do that.

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Baki Erdogan
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Mechanical Engineer​

As a mechanical engineer, I have always been driven by a desire to create impactful and sustainable solutions to address the pressing challenges our world faces today. Throughout my academic journey, I have actively pursued opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge in the field of sustainability, Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.


GBM`s mission to develop sustainable solutions aligns perfectly with on my own values and aspirations. I am excited about the prospect of joining the company and contributing my skills and experience to it is innovative projects.

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Benjamin Kooi
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Head of Finance​

As the importance of sustainability cannot be undermined in our current society, I am grateful to contribute as head of finance to such an innovative organization.

Through my consulting and accounting background, I help GBM to build a more stable financial backbone which is ready for future growth.

Charlotte van Verseveld
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Geotechnical Specialist

It is very nice to work in an energetic and openminded team with a clear vision. For me, the work we do is a perfect combination between research and engineering practice, where you immediately see the purpose and result of your efforts, while performing on a high intellectual level. It is exciting that I can use my geotechnical knowledge to improve our innovation to contribute to renewable energy.

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Frederik Rietema
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Project Lead

With this team of talented people, I am looking forward to delivering the transition from onshore testing to full scale offshore implementation and contribute to more renewable energy in a more sustainable way.

Govert Meijer
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CEO - Director

It inspires me enormously to make a contribution with a lot of young, talented people at GBM Works to an improved living environment for humans and animals.

By structuring and financing a new organization, I can make extensive use of the experience I have gained over the past decades as an entrepreneur in the offshore industry. I really like to make, create and innovate and I look forward to all the international contacts that we will undoubtedly gain in our journey.

Hakan Köpüklü picture_edited_edited.png
Hakan Kopuklu
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Geotechnical Engineer

As we face a growing demand for clean energy sources, GBM Works provides an innovative technology for the pile installation challenges. It is an honor for me to be a member of this experienced, enlightened, and resolute team. I am excited about developing and applying geotechnical engineering principles to support the transition to a more sustainable and environment-friendly energy system.  I firmly believe that the outcomes of our studies will enrich the geotechnical literature and offshore industry.

Harriet Bakker_edited.png
Harriet Bakker
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People Manager​​

My favorite workplace is GBM Works in Amsterdam, where our dream team works every day on developing renewable energy products to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. As a people manager, I am honored to support GBM Works in growing the team and developing our talents. Our purpose is to create a happy and inclusive workplace that is meaningful.

Hein van Opstal
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COO - Director​

GBM Works contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals with a young, innovative and experienced team in a growing market.

All ingredients for having a great time while doing important work.

Henco Blaauw
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Mechanical Engineer​

Growing up in my father's automotive business, I developed an early fascination with mechanical devices and systems. However, it didn't take long to realize that these same passions often leave deep footprints on our planet. The promise that GBM Works brings fills me with excitement, offering innovations that will help us tread more lightly. With a background as both a consultant engineer and an R&D engineer, I eagerly anticipate making a professional difference. It's truly a privilege to be part of this commitment and join a dedicated team devoted to building a better future.

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Liam Griffin
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Operations Engineer​

Being a part of GBM Works, I'm thrilled to contribute to a more sustainable future. Coming from New Zealand, where the clean green mentality is ingrained, I'm excited to be part of a team that develops innovative methods for clean energy, with the potential to make a real impact.

Prof pic Marcelo_edited.png
Marcelo Werneck
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Business Development Director

More and more often I read on the news that governments and companies increased their sustainability targets and how influencing offshore wind farms are in achieving those targets. As a Business Development Director at GBM Works, I can contribute to this noble mission by building strategic partnerships for the development and commercialization of our innovative silent installation method.

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Mark Romanchock
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Lead Operations Offshore

I believe all energy projects should have the smallest environmental impact possible and the people executing the projects should be confident that they will return home safely every time they venture offshore or to other worksites.  I am honored to join GBM Works as Lead Offshore Operations, a role in which I can leverage my offshore oil and gas exploration operations background and my commitment to environmental excellence. Simultaneously controlling costs and minimizing environmental impact during offshore wind turbine installation is now a core expectation for energy projects.  GBM Works innovation technology will accomplish both, and I aim to do my part to meet these goals.

CV photo Pierre_edited_edited.png
Pierre Bouchet
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Mechanical Engineer

As many people, I want to have a positive impact regarding the climate change. Being part of GBM Works is a great opportunity to concretely participate on the energy transition topic, one of the greatest challenge of our modern society.As a mechanical engineer I am glad to bring all my knowledge, creativity and french flair to design the innovations of tomorrow.With all our amazing team, we can proudly say that we contribute for a more sustainable future.

Rob Sprij
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Lead Mechanical Engineer



Since college, I have been looking for a way to contribute to the challenges our society faces. Therefore the mission and philosophy of GBM to have a positive contribution resonated with me. I believe with this team and our innovations, we can contribute to installing windmills with no negative impact on the environment.

Saad Qaiser
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Project Lead

As a Project Leader at GBM Works, I'm honoured to lead stimulating projects that contribute to a greener future through our innovative Vibrojet technology. Working with a knowledgeable and dedicated team to provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for wind turbine installations is both gratifying and motivating.

At GBM Works, I am passionate about exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results while inspiring my team to achieve our shared goals.

Shaun Hughes_GBM Works_edited_edited.png
Shaun Hughes
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Geotechnical Engineer

As an Operations Engineer at GBM Works, I am grateful to be part of an innovative and passionate team that is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology for a sustainable future. It is a truly rewarding experience to actively participate in the global mission to build a better world for all. With my experience in operational and geotechnical engineering, I am excited to contribute my expertise towards this important goal. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a brighter future for generations to come.

Siemen Dasselaar
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Lead Operations Engineer

One of my drives is contributing to a cleaner world in a responsible, sustainable way. The GBM Works’ mission to install offshore wind turbine foundations more environmental friendly, efficient and reliable connects very well to my drive. It is my ambition, together with the highly motivated GBM team, to develop the VibroJet-principle from prototype to operational machine.

Sophie Pittman_edited.png
Sophie Pittman
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Office Manager

I am excited to support and be part of a team involved in developing renewable energy products to contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. With a background in Marketing, working at GBM Works provides a unique opportunity to apply my skills to promote innovative, sustainable technologies in a growing market segment that values environmental responsibility.

Toon Hofstee
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Project Engineer

By joining GBM Works, I can contribute to more sustainable offshore wind energy. My drive for a better world, interest in offshore construction projects and background in Transport, Infrastructures, and Logistics combines perfectly in my role as Project Engineer at GBM Works. I firmly believe that together we can shape a better and greener tomorrow.

Board of Advisors

Meet our Board of Advisors


Dirk Luger

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Senior Geotechnical Expert

With 40 years of experience in geotechnical research at Deltares I have a clear view on technology developments for the offshore wind sector. Of the many new developments, GBM Works has a very interesting concept. I try to assist with the further development by making my experience and network available.


Dorine Bosman

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Former Vice President Wind and HSSE at Shell

I have a passion for new initiatives. Certainly if they stimulate offshore wind energy. GBM Works does that with its Vibro-drill concept. This energetic team deserves the support to bring the initiative to the market as quickly as possible. I am happy to contribute to that.


Reini van Leeuwen

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Former Associate General Counsel IP at Shell

The valuable technical developments made by GBM Works  require proper attention from an intellectual property perspective to ensure these developments fully underpin the achievements  of the business goals of GBM Works.  With my 40 years of experience as  IP expert , I am very pleased to advise GBM Works on its IP strategy and further development/ commercialisation activities from an intellectual property point of view.


Willem Ackermans

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Former Director Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions, (Former) Advisor to the Board of Management

This innovative installation method developed by GBM Works will have an important impact on the (overall) construction costs of wind projects and as a result will contribute to making wind energy more profitable. It is a pleasure to assist management of GBM Works in achieving their goals by providing them advice on strategic and financial issues.

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Wouter Remmelts

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Former Director BAM International BV

With over 35 years of experience in the (international) civil construction industry, I am more than happy to open up my network and advise GBM Works, wherever I can. In addition, having graduated from the Technical University Delft in soil mechanics and combining that with much needed new developments in the field of wind energy, makes the circle round.

Rene Pic BoA_edited.png

Rene Raaijmakers

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Entrepreneur and former CEO at Groendus & Kotug Smit Towage and Offshore executive at Royal IHC & Bluewater

I’m enthusiastic about the positive impact GBM Works delivers with their innovative solution of an eco-friendly and (!) commercially attractive installation method for the offshore wind sector.  I look forward contributing to the growth of GBM Works’ organization and business.  


We are proud to be partner of GBM Works. As a company we have been active for many years in the offshore, mechanical engineering and other projects as a one-stop-shop partner. Because of our practical knowledge and skills, we meet the demands of our customer on very challenging technical issues. After the first contacts with GBM Works, there was a big match for the approach and possible solutions for the pilot projects. This gave Barth the confidence to enter into a long-term collaboration, to support the SIMPLE projects and to contribute to successful tests for the silent installation of monopiles.

Passionate as we are about piling, we continuously improve the performance of the offshore vibro technology: faster, easier, smoother and more sustainable. As the world’s leading offshore vibro technology company, we love to contribute to good vibrations.
The GBM development fits right into that strategy, as jetting is able to increase the number of projects and locations where vibro driven piles to full depth can be achieved.
With CAPE Holland’s participation in projects like SIMOX and SIMPLE IIB we believe that the quest for innovative installation methods can be resolved faster, helping to keep our customers ahead of the game. 

GBM Works developed the Vibrojet®, a new method for installing offshore wind turbine foundations. The product is an alternative method for the installation of offshore foundation (mono)piles with a focus on offshore wind.

This method is silent, faster and more efficient than current installation methods. Fatigue issues due to the use of a heavy hydraulic hammer will also be eliminated. The use of the Vibrojet® and its benefits will lead to a faster and more environmental friendly transition towards renewable energy. That is the reason why Climate-KIC is happy to be partner of GBM Works.

Deltares strives to reach impact on societal themes, in this perspective on renewable energy, energy transition, water safety and climate change. The validation of new technologies, which help to reach these goals, as well as strengthening the position of the Dutch industry on that field are activities we want to contribute to. It is joyful to cooperate with the team of GBM Works, which has a potentially very interesting technology in hand for the offshore industry.

As a major offshore installation contractor in the construction of offshore wind farms, DEME Offshore values the development of silent piling technologies for a sustainable future.

DEME Offshore is very interested in the installation technology being developed by GBM Works and, as a partner and launching customer, DEME  intends to be the first to apply the technology in the offshore market. DEME actively supports GBM Works in its development of the technology and is technically and operationally contributing to the preparation and execution of tests in the SIMPLE programme.

Low noise installation of foundation for offshore wind turbines meets a great need in the market. GBM’s Vibrojet® has the potential to further enable cost reductions and opens up new optimization possibilities on the foundations design. We stress the importance of increasing the speed of this product development up to market introduction, and we would like to express our support for GBM. 

Shell has been following GBM Works and the development of this new installation technique with interest for more than 2 years. We believe that the Vibrojet® may enable significant noise reductions, which could lead to a further cost reduction of wind energy. For the SIMPLE IIB project, started in April 2022, we are excited to be a project partner and support the company.

Passionate as we are about piling, we continuously improve the performance of the offshore vibro technology: faster, easier, smoother and more sustainable. As the world’s leading offshore vibro technology company, we love to contribute to good vibrations.
The GBM development fits right into that strategy, as jetting is able to increase the number of projects and locations where vibro driven piles to full depth can be achieved.
With CAPE Holland’s participation in projects like SIMOX and SIMPLE IIB we believe that the quest for innovative installation methods can be resolved faster, helping to keep our customers ahead of the game.

Van Oord has been following GBM Works closely for some time. We are very interested in the innovative installation method that GBM Works designs, and we are happy to lend a helping hand if specific knowledge is occasionally requested.



GBM Works promises to introduce an installation method that can extend the life of monopiles for years. We live from that. It is therefore not strange that Sif has for several times made its site partly available for scale experiments.

GBM Works is recognised as a company with an innovative product which could solve the market demand for silent installation of foundation piles, which still requires several tests to proof its proper functioning Collaboration with Heerema offers the possibility to accelerate the market introduction of the Vibrojet® and incorporate into the final design relevant offshore work experience of Heerema. For Heerema, cooperation with GBM Works means a possible optimization of its offshore operations and thus the possibility of strengthening its position in the offshore wind market.

As a venture capital firm designed to address the unique need of early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software, recognizes GBM Works as a company with an innovative product which could solve the market demand for silent installation of foundation piles. GBM Works envisions to solve the recognized issue, with an impressive and disruptive technical solution, in the offshore wind industry. Initial findings indicate that the market size is substantial. The team of GBM Works consists of talented and experienced professionals that are able to bring this technology successful to the market. 

As an international leading company in (vibro) drivability studies for offshore monopiles, Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts BV has been acting as consultant, coach and supporter for GBM Works, from early stages of the development of the vibro-jet until today. The friendly and open approach of GBM Works staff is inspiring and also beneficial for Allnamics.

GBM Works approach to apply jetting used in combination with vibro hammer technology, has the potential to become an interesting contribution for the installation of XXL monopiles. Dieseko Group encourages the further development of this innovation and is open to review this technology at real size with GBM Works when situation- and client-opportunities give rise to this.

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