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Looking for a company doing groundbreaking work?

GBM Works consists largely of a growing team of technically skilled engineers but also of those with experience in financial administration and business development. Because the overall aim of GBM Works is the development of a revolutionary technology with unprecedented consequences for the entire offshore industry, a lot of research has to be performed. Are you interested in the development of GBM Works or would you like to know whether there might be a spot on the team for you? 


We are constantly looking for:

  • Geotechnical Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Operations Engineers

Past Graduates: Talented Contributors

Joris van Rossem

I had a great time at GBM Works graduating and working on the innovative Vibrojet® solution. The management always paid attention to all team members and their questions, which resulted in a great involved atmosphere at GBM Works. Everyone turned out to be good friends. In addition to my graduation intership, I have learned a lot that I would never have learned otherwise. From the Scrum method for project management to the procurement of materials and heavy equipment. Because the team is still so small, many things are coming your way which made it a challenging but rewarding environment, luckily I was good at prioritizing.

Sven van Nieuwenhuizen

I could not use my graduation thesis at Delft University of Technology to further develop my own start up product as there is no real fit with my study. However, being at GBM has proven to be very educational. I learn a lot how the management gives shape to the company. If I didn't already have my own company, I would like to continue working at GBM Works.


Sanne Blok

I graduated from Delft University of Technology at GBM Works on the prediction of carrying capacity of monopile foundations at sea, installed with the Vibrojet®. It was fun working in a small team, closely involved in strategic decisions to be made. The team felt like a warm family, with high ambitions though. 


Daan de Jong

I used to work on my master thesis at GBM Works, where I focused on the design of a retrievable Vibrojet® for the installation of monopiles. It was a challenging and fascinating topic that I enjoyed working on. GBM Works provided a very motivating work environment, and the whole team was always willing to help me with any questions that I had. We had interesting discussions on all related topics, and there was always time for relaxed conversations, making it a friendly and welcoming company to work for. In the end, I finished my thesis and am grateful for the experience I gained at GBM Works.

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