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Nearshore and Infra equipment

The installation of combi walls in challenging sand and clay soil conditions traditionally involves pre-drilling, vibrating and post-piling. A time-consuming process, and a logistical puzzle that regularly drives up the cost of the entire installation. With GBM's Vibrojet®, the installation process is simplified. Thus, many costs can be saved.


Also, for the installation or removal of piles the silent and efficient Vibrojet® can be used, which combines the vibration technique and controlled fluidization of the inside of the pile to perform infrastructural works in an environmentally responsible way. 


Great noise reduction and much lower vibration levels make GBM's Vibrojet® an environmentally responsible choice.


GBM's engineering team is more than willing to explain the method and possibly formulate a proposal for your application. 


Interested? Please, submit the form (at the contact page) or send an email to

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