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Green Light for The SIMPLE IIB Project - HER+ Subsidy Approved by RVO

Bijgewerkt op: 16 jun. 2022

On May 16, 2022, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) announced the approval of €1.896.447 in subsidy for SIMPLE-IIB project.

SIMPLE IIB, the third project of the Silent Installation of Monopiles (SIMPLE) line of projects, will allow GBM Works to further develop its jetting technique and therefore take it one step closer to the application in commercial projects.

Amongst others, SIMPLE IIB's scope includes laboratory tests, manufacturing of prototypes and drivability, axial bearing capacity and scour protection tests - some of them in collaboration with the SIMOX Project.

Project Consortium

SIMPLE IIB could only materialize with the support of project partners.

Deltares and DEME Offshore, which were also partners on previous development projects, joined again on SIMPLE IIB.

The list of partners is completed by Shell, Eneco and Cape Holland.

Each partner, with its particular contribution to the project, helps establishing a solid group represented by different players in the industry, leading to higher quality and therefore more credibility on the results.

GROW Project

One difference between SIMPLE IIB and the previous projects on the SIMPLE line of projects is the fact that SIMPLE IIB is a GROW Project.

Submitting the project as a GROW Project facilitates administration tasks and increases visibility and credibility within the industry.

GBM Works already participates in SIMOX, another GROW project, and plans to also submit SIMPLE III as a GROW project.

Interested in Knowing More?

Are you interested in the development and/or commercialization of the GBM Works' Vibrojet®, the innovative silent installation method? Please send us a message using the ''Contact'' field.

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