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Technology principles

New installation methods for pile driving are highly required in the market. Traditional hammering creates harmful noise and faces physical limits in the everyday larger foundations.

GBM Works developed new methods. Silent, efficient and able to scale up. 

With GBM Works’ approach, an installation is achieved by individual use or a combination of


  1. Controlled water injection on the inside of a pile, fluidizing the soil resulting in zero resistance

  2. Vibrating the pile at the tip, avoiding loss of energy through the length of the pile


GBM Works has executed large test programs at their laboratories to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge behind the principles of driveability through sand and clay, keeping the requested bearing capacity.   


Demonstrations of the combination of vibration and controlled fluidisation techniques show deeper and faster penetration than traditional methods. 


GBM Works’ simulation model Fluidflow® has been validated with the enormous database of test results, enabling optimal Vibrojet® machine settings for any type of ground characteristics.

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