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New podcast about SIMPLE IIB - GROW To Go "Shaken and Stirred" edition

Bijgewerkt op: 10 aug. 2023

The latest edition of the #GROWtoGO podcast, titled "Shaken And Stirred," is about the SIMPLE IIB project.

Together, GBM Works and GROW invite our industry partners to take some time to explore the newest issue of #GROWtoGO, titled "Shaken AND Stirred." In this edition, David de Jager from GROW engages in conversations with Hein van Opstal, Charlotte van Verseveld, and Rob Sprij, all from our team. They dive into the fascinating topic of the jet ring, an integral component of Vibrojet® technology, as well as the intriguing #SIMPLE2B project.

The development of the Vibrojet® technology has progressed through multiple projects. SIMPLE I aimed to establish the basic functionalities of the jet gun in sand compared to ordinary vibro-hammer installation through lab and field tests. SIMPLE II demonstrated that monopiles, at a scale of 1:4, can reach the desired depth using a retrievable Vibrojet® prototype in combination with a standard vibro hammer. These projects provided valuable insights for the ongoing design of prototypes in the GROW project SIMPLE IIB, which will undergo testing and analysis as part of the SIMOX project later this year. In April 2024, the full-scale prototype will be tested offshore in the SIMPLE III project.

To find out more about the "Shaken and Stirred" edition of the #GROWtoGo podcast, and for more episodes of the #GROWtoGo podcast, click here.

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